Social Enterprisebusiness Plan Nonprofits Pdf Template

Social Enterprisebusiness Plan Nonprofits Pdf Template
Social Enterprise
Business Plan
A social enterprise is an activity of a nonprofi t that employs entrepreneurial, market-driven
strategies for earned income in support of their mission. Business plans are a common
tool for entrepreneurs when starting or growing a business enterprise. For nonprofi ts that
are starting or growing a social enterprise as a part of their program activities, developing
a business plan is an essential step. While social enterprise business plans address all of
the questions needed for any business, nonprofi ts also need to consider the alignment with
mission, organizational background and structure, and evaluation of both fi nancial and social
e Executive Summary provides the most important
information for readers that need to understand and
support the concept but not necessarily know the detailed
plans.  is is usually written last.
Organizational description
Business concept
Market description
Value proposition, or competitive advantage
Key success factors
Financial highlights and capital requirements
A social enterprise of a nonpro t organization may
contribute directly to achieving mission; may be
complementary or supportive of mission; or may be
unrelated to mission (with primarily  nancial goals.)  e
alignment to mission is a critical question.
Organization mission and/or vision statement
Relationship of social enterprise to organizational
mission, or separate mission for the enterprise
is section summarizes the organizations history and
programs and how the enterprise will  t in to the larger
Most social enterprises operate as an activity or program
within the nonpro t, though some are legally structured
as a separate nonpro t, a for-pro t subsidiary, or an
independent organization. Form should follow function
and the legal structure should support the purpose and
activities of the enterprise. Advice from an expert attorney
may be needed.
Brief description of the nonpro t, including context
and programs
How the business venture will be structured in the
Legal structure and governance (Boards, advisory
committees, reporting)
Our mission is to strengthen community by investing capital and
expertise in nonprofi ts.
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is outline for a business plan is a guide for research, planning, and writing a business plan for nonpro t social
enterprises.  e sections below are provided as a roadmap for the plan. Most business plans include each of these
sections, though the length and amount of detail will vary depending on the nature of the enterprise, the complexity of
the organization, and the purpose and audience for the plan.
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