Instructions Project Scorecard

Instructions Project Scorecard
Instructions for Project Scorecard Template
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Instructions for Using the Project Scorecard Template
1. Purpose
The Project Scorecard template is designed to be used at the conclusion of a project. The template calculates and reports project
performance in five key result areas. The key result areas are:
1. Cost - was the project delivered within budget
2. Delivery - was the project delivered by the expected completion date
3. Effort - did the project consume the expected amount of human resources
4. Scope - did the project satisfy all of the agreed requirements
5. Team Satisfaction - was working on the project satisfying for project team members
The results for each area are displayed on the single page summary Scorecard sheet. By entering on the Scorecard sheet your
project's baseline expected results, allowed tolerance for each result and actual results, the template calculates automatically
variances from approved/planned amounts and displays a Met/Not Met indicator for each key result area.
The Scorecard sheet is protected in order to prevent inadvertent deletion and corruption of formulae.
2. Data Entry
On the Scorecard sheet, add your data to the sheet as per Steps 1 to 5 below.
Ensure that only numeric values are entered. The template will not recognize non-numeric values.
To enter commentary or notes for a particular cell, use Excel's Comments or Callouts feature.
The template is populated with sample amounts so that you can visualize how the sheet looks when completed. Before starting,
delete the cell contents in the white colored cells. The cells shaded yellow are calculated automatically and are colored to indicate
that you cannot enter data into these cells.
To add additional rows between the existing rows, first unprotect the sheet. Formulae in calculated cells will adjust automatically.
Do not insert columns between the existing columns, as this may interfere with the automatic calculations.
Step 1
Enter the information that will identify your project at the top of the Scorecard sheet.
Step 2
For each key result area, enter the agreed amount in the first field. If your project has multiple baseline versions, use the amounts
from the last approved baseline.
For Cost, the Budget Approved amount you enter will be automatically formatted in dollars and cents.
For Delivery, enter the Planned Completion Date. Valid formats are 30/5/11, 30-5-11 and 30 May 11. If your regional settings are
set for US, valid formats are 5/30/11, 5-30-11 and May 30 11.
For Effort, enter the estimated total project effort amount in hours, days or weeks, according to the size of your project. You may
indicate the time unit used on the sheet by entering "Hours", "Days" or "Weeks" after the key result area title in Row 36. For
example: "3. EFFORT (Days)"
For Scope, enter the total number of business requirements from the Requirements Specification document. If there is a large
number of requirements with varying degrees of importance, enter the agreed number of most important requirements.
Alternatively, enter the number of project deliverables. You may edit the cell headings to indicate that you are measuring
For Team Satisfaction, enter the minimum expected survey score. Surveys may be conducted by one-on-one or group interview or
by distributed questionnaire or any combination of these. If using a questionnaire, the score entered may be either average score or
mean score. A suitable and customizable post-implementation review questionnaire is included within this pack (Post-
ImplementationReviewForm.doc). Refer to the survey form cover page for full instructions on use.
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