Crossfit Gym Contract Template Pdf Printable For Free

Crossfit Gym Contract Template Pdf Printable For Free
Between CrossFit New Haven and (please print name) _________________________________________
Services Provided: CrossFit New Haven obligations hereunder and the undersigned Member’s membership
are conditioned upon (i) Member executing this Agreement and initializing as designated, (ii) Member
executing a Release in the form provided by CrossFit New Haven, and (iii) Member otherwise complying with
this Agreement (including, without limitation, the Rules defined below) For purposes of the foregoing
conditions, the term “member” shall include each individual (i.e., spouse and children) included in a
membership. Conditioned on the foregoing, operating hours, as established from time to time, and (b)
participate in any one or more group classes offered by CrossFit New Haven from time to time.
This is not an “open gym” format. By class or appointment-only training, unless otherwise noted.
The facility is located at the address of 1175 State Street New Haven, CT. Hours of operation as follows:
1. Operating Hours; varies; see www.crossfitnewhaven.com
2. Weekly Classes; varies; see www.crossfitnewhaven.com
CrossFit New Haven may alter its location, operating hours, type and quantity of equipment, and type and frequency of
its classes from time to time in its sole discretion. Fitness training is an evolving science. Thus, CrossFit New Haven
reserves the right to change its routines, classes and equipment to accommodate such evolution.
Membership: Payment
Member hereby subscribes for the following type of membership (Check all that apply):
_________ Individual _________ Spouse (20% discount)
_________ Children 14-18 (20% discount) _________ Student (20% discount)
_________ Military (active)/Fire/Police (20% discount)
Length of Membership: All Fees will be subject to 6% CT State Sales Tax.
________ 3 /wk Month-to-Month ($125/mth) _________ 3/wk Auto Pay ($100/mth)
________ Unlimited Month-to-Month ($175/mth) _________ Unlimited Auto Pay ($150/mth)
_________ 5 PT Sessions ($275) _________ On-Ramp/ 12 sessions ($150)
Credit card/Debit Card #: ______________________________ Exp Date: _______________
ACH: Routing No: ______________________________ACH Account No: ____________________________
Member Signature _________________________________________________
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