Co Signer Rental Agreement Letter Template

Co Signer Rental Agreement Letter Template
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Co-Signer Application & Agreement
Name:________________________________________ Social Security Number:___________________________
Date of Birth:________________ Drivers License #: ________________ Drivers License State:______________
Address: ________________________________ City:__________________ State:__________ Zip:________
Home Phone: _____________________ Work/Cell: ___________________ Email:__________________________
Employer:_______________________________ Length of Employment:____________________
Employer Address: ________________________________________________ Phone:__________________
Supervisor:__________________________________ Total Monthly Income:$___________________
Other Sources of Income:________________________________________________________________________
Proof of income is required. Example: current pay stub, most recent tax return, or last 2 bank statements.
I represent that the above is true and correct and hereby authorize verification of such. I understand that a credit and background report will be necessary and
agree that one may be run. There is a $30 charge for the credit and background report which must be paid prior to the processing of this application.
Application fees are non-refundable.
Co-Signer Signature: ______________________________________________________ Date: ___________________________
Letter of Guarantee
I, (co-signer’s printed name) ______________________________________ agree to co-sign for the Tenant(s),
(applicants printed names) ______________________________________________________________________
who will be renting/leasing the following property from Full House Property Management, LLC:
(Property Address) _____________________________________ City ___________ State _______ Zip_________
Co-signer agrees to unconditionally and continually guarantee the performance by Tenant(s) of all obligations under the Rental Agreement, including but not
limited to; timely and full payment of all rents and other charges that may become due and owing from Tenant(s) to Landlord, any damages incurred by
Landlord for any breach of lease, any legal fees incurred, late fees owed, unpaid utility bills, damages to the property, cleaning and/or painting fees or any
miscellaneous items legally the responsibility of the Tenant(s) and legally chargeable to the Tenant(s).The liability of the Co-signer may be enforced without
requiring Owner/Agent first to exercise, enforce or exhaust any rights or remedy against Tenant(s). This guarantee extends to all amendments, renewals,
extensions or new Rental Agreements between Tenant(s) and Owner/Agent. Co-signer waives any notice of any such amendments, renewals, extensions or
new Rental Agreements. The Co-signer also understands that the Tenant(s) may have additional Tenant(s) on the Rental Agreement and all Tenant(s) and
Co-signers are individually and jointly responsible for the amount due to Full House Property Management. Co-signer recognized that Owner/Agent has
agreed to rent to Tenant(s) because of this guarantee and that if the continued validity of this guarantee is no longer enforceable, for any reason, Owner/Agent
may terminate the Rental Agreement. Co-signer agrees that any suit or action based on this Agreement will be brought in the state of Federal Court sitting in
the county in which the property is located. Co-signer agrees to pay all costs and attorney’s fees incurred by Owner/Agent in enforcing the Rental Agreement
and/or this Agreement. All final costs will be determined within 31 days after Full House Property Management gains possession of the rental premises.
This document must be accompanied by a copy of the Co-signers driver’s license or photo ID, proof of income, and $30 Application Fee.
Co-Signer Signature: ______________________________________________________ Date: ___________________________
The following must be submitted
with this Co-Signer Agreement:
Photo ID
Proof of Income
$30 Application Fee
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