Car Wash Ticket Template Microsoft Word

Car Wash Ticket Template Microsoft Word
Gulf Stream Council
Boy Scouts of America
Pack/Troop/Crew xxx
Saturday, Sept. 15th, 2012
9 am until 3 pm
Exxon Station **
6557 Indiantown Rd., Jupiter
(Indiantown Rd and Central Blvd.)
Suggested Donation: $5.00
** or any other convenient location listed
on the Council web site at
INSTRUCTIONS: Follow carefully.
These steps will create presale tickets
that can be printed like any document
1. Print this page before proceeding!!
2. Edit the details for your event at left,
as brief as possible within the box.
Do not change font or colors.
3. Double click in the blank line under
your unit information. Check
accuracy before proceeding to 4.
4. Use the key combination Ctrl + T to
create tickets. (Hold down Ctrl key
and then press T).
5. Save the resulting document. You
can print all or any number of pages
depending on your needs.
Each ticket will print in black and white
with a serial number for your
administrative use.
If the creation process does not run
when you perform Step 4, close the
document and reopen. Be sure to click
“Enable macros” in the dialog box. This
macro simply copies your ticket
template at left and does not print or
otherwise alter anything on your
If you need further help, please contact
Steve Jackson at [email protected]
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