Basic Gingerbread House Template Free Download

Basic House Template
We hope you enjoy using this gingerbread template! We sure had fun cre-
ating it! Use the recipes at http://www.gingerbread-house.heaven.com for
gingerbread and icing, and make sure to send us photos of your nished
product! Here’s all you need to know to build your unique gingerbread
General Instructions:
It’s a good idea to cut all copies of your template out of card stock paper
and tape it together to see the nished product before you begin work-
ing with your gingerbread. This ensures you understand where every-
thing will go and helps you nd a base (usually a cake board or wood
covered in foil) that’s an adequate size. You can even disassemble and
use the same template pieces to cut your gingerbread.
Any lines that are gray are optional. For instance, windows and doors
can be cut as we’ve shown them OR feel free to design your own
shaped windows and doors. Some people even prefer to build the house
without any cut outs and then “draw on” windows and doors later out of
icing and candy.
Frequently, we include 2 (or more) template pieces butted up next to
each other. This just saves you time with cutting. These ARE separate
pieces. The exception, of course, is lines that are gray and say “Option-
al” nearby. For these, you may choose to cut on the gray lines or not.
Patience is the key to successful gingerbread houses! Give yourself
ample time to allow the pieces to dry after every step or two when as-
sembling. This will help prevent collapses and give your house the best
possible structural integrity.
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